Medical Sales License

Medical Sales License

This class of licence is directed towards distributers of cannabis and cannabis products solely for medical purposes while having the flexibility to be integrated into all other licence classes. It is possible to just hold a medical sales license and not actually have cannabis on-site, it’s your choice. This option will provide the license holder the ability to register clients and distribute finished products. You would have to purchase finished products that is labelled for the consumer from a company that holds a processing licence.

Canwis cannabis consultants will prepare the following documents:

Facility design (if cannabis will be present on-site)

Municipal requirements (if cannabis will be present on-site)

Inventory control software

Standard Operating Procedures

Submit application within Health Canada’s Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS)

You can sell or distribute cannabis products:

  • To a client and/or a licence holder (with the exception of a cultivator).
  • That are dried, fresh, plants or cannabis seeds to a micro-cultivator or a standard cultivator.
  • That are plants or plant seeds to a licenced nursery.
  • Other than plants or seeds to a hospital employee under certain criteria.
  • To registered clients authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes.

The sale of cannabis for medical purposes has strict measures regarding cannabis products and their packaging.

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