Banking & Financial services

Banking & Financial services

Accessing financial services is a challenge for the cannabis industry. Canwis helps cannabis companies and ancillary businesses obtain the banking services they need to be successful.

Services include:

  • Analysis of the financial services solutions available to cannabis businesses, such as cannabis-specific money transmitters, for both cannabis businesses and entities seeking to establish such solutions
  • Drafting introductory documents that cannabis businesses can use when approaching financial institutions for depository business accounts
  • Assisting cannabis businesses in initiating and continuing communications with financial institutions to secure depository business accounts
  • Drafting internal policies and procedures to assist cannabis businesses, enhancing their ability to obtain and retain business accounts with depository financial institutions
  • Advising cannabis businesses and financial institutions on regulatory and compliance matters, informing financial institutions about past hurdles erected by regulators, and educating them about compliance programs that can ease the process of performing KYC due diligence on potential clients
  • Helping financial institutions and cannabis businesses establish and maintain regulatory relationships

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