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We are a cannabis and hemp consulting firm, and we have been at the cutting edge of cannabis and hemp operation since the inception of the regulated cannabis industry. At Canwis Consulting, we have brought together expert cannabis and hemp consultants specifically chosen for their experience in both cannabis and hemp industry.
The team at Canwis has mastered the art of cultivating cannabis, and our optional support services, including the facility design, standardization of processes, and ongoing support are intended to provide an immediate, and maximum possible return on investment. In addition to cultivation expertise, Canwis can also offer a full array of cannabis business consultation services, providing entrepreneurs with detailed instructions on how to succeed in the cannabis industry, and assistance every step of the way. Our regulatory experts have additional expertise in pharmaceutical, natural health products and cultivation technology and equipment.

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Operation Process

  • 1
    Discussion Phase

    The client and the consultant are helped to know each other and decide preliminarily that how we could help in license, service or investment.

  • 2
    Performance Phase

    Our consultant process measurements to fulfill clients’ need related to the projects.

  • 3
    Presentation Phase

    Suitable application, portfolio or recommendation will be present.

  • 4
    Examination Phase

    Through implementation the client ans consultant will examine the feasibility of the proposals put forward.